Lead Management Application for Real Estate Consultants

Alma is lead management application to maintain leads, customer interaction, charts to understand client and property specific in details

Alma provides you the platform to mail, SMS and WhatsApp the client project details automatically.

Also you can set reminders for site visits or client follow ups.

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Features At a Glance

Alma provides you a dashboard to monitor and manage your customer and employees at the same time.
Alma is your personal real estate Lead management system which helps you to prioritize your customer as per requirement,budget,location.
Alma is personal software which provides you lead safety and marketing monitoring tools.

Admin Dashboard

For any application it is very important to have user friendly dashboard, the hassle free experience to operate the application leads towards maximum result oriented process.
Admin dashboard will give you exact employe reports to understand the flow and productivity.
Customer requirement charts will be available on admin dashboard to understand and focus on each client with specific requirement.
Admin dashboard will provide you complete data along with charts to fasten the result oriented process.



Daily work reminders like calling and meeting with client can be highlighted on individual screen, all employees daily work reminders on date will be seen on admin calendar to monitor the activities.

Lead Management

The most crucial part of any business is a journey of lead to become client. Lead management will have property management and client management on screen.


Client Lead Management

Each client has different requirements like, location,budget,size,possession. Client management will allow you to filter the segment and assign it to respective employee.

Property lead Management

The application will provide platform to fill all property related full details to maximize the client and property matching criteria.


Property Lists

Property list will highlight the property according to requirement,location,budget.
This list will help you to understand property matching as per individual client, the highlighted property will make work focus oriented.

Client Lists

The most important feature of app is client list.
All the client filters will help to focus on clients with specific requirements, Like as per location, budget and confirmation.
You cal also filter the client as per your priority like New and old, weekly,monthly.
Client list will help to make system process oriented and will increase the productivity.


ALMA Features

We did our best to create layouts for various needs that developers might have and best experience for users.
They are clean and slick. They function well and look good at the same time.


Client Piechart

Property Piechart

Sales Graph

Recent Properties List

Clients List

Property List

Property Details


All business modules has same way of doing business , setting the budget for marketing, generating the leads, follow up and then converting the lead into customer.
The most important thing in marketing is maintaining the data properly.
There is always difference between the quality of leads ,according to which we can set our priorities of work.
Alma is there to give you complete data filter as per budget,confirmation,location and decision making time to give you detail understading of client requirement.
With the help of this you can analyze your marketing expenses like per lead cost from different sources along with the quality of lead, this will give you very clear picture for future marketing.
Same filters are applicable for sales to show you exact prospect clients out of which you can set your sales target and meet your goals.


With the help of components and layouts, we created four different applications. They are a good way to get you started if you want to build something similar.

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